Library Card

Registration – Library Cards

Any person, residing within the city limits of New Sharon, unincorporated areas of Mahaska County, contracting communities, or in communities participating in Iowa’s Open Access Program may obtain a library card free of charge with a valid photo ID and satisfactory proof of residence.

Minor children, five (5) years of age or older may register for a library card when they can accurately provide full name, address, phone number, and birthdate.  Parent or legal guardian permission must be provided for children who are unable to provide accurate registration information.

Parental or a legal guardian signature is required for persons applying for a library card under the age of 14.

Library staff will collect contact information for library use only and patrons will be contacted by their preferred means (phone, text, or email).

Library cards are valid for one (1) year and may be renewed upon patron request at expiration.

A valid library card is required for borrowing privileges.  To check out library materials, patrons must present their library card, a valid photo ID, or confirm registration information.

Library cards are issued with the expectation that the recipient will be financially responsible for all charges they incur and with the understanding that the recipient is responsible for everything checked out on their card.  In the case of minor children, the parent or legal guardian shall be held financially responsible.  Borrowing privileges will be suspended in any situation where a patron is unwilling or unable to accept this responsibility.    

A $2.00 replacement fee is assessed for lost cards.  Patrons may check out items without their library card by confirming current registration information.

​​​​Approved:  November 8, 202​​​​​​2 

An application for a library card can be found here.  Please return completed form to the library during regular business hours.